About Me

My name is Reed Summers.

For over 30 years, my father Marshall Vian Summers has been receiving a divine revelation given to awaken humanity to the two most important events happening in the world today: the “Great Waves” of environmental, social and political change that are reshaping the world around us and the hidden reality of Contact and our emergence into a “Greater Community” of intelligent life in the universe.

For over 12 years, I have been working with Marshall as a teacher and representative for this divine revelation and for the Allies of Humanity Briefings, a revolutionary set of texts that reveal the secret agenda of those alien forces present in our world and provide a clear picture of what these forces are, why they are here and what they are doing at this time.

It is critical the people everywhere come to understand the Great Waves of Change and the hidden reality of Contact. Here on my site you will find my recent interviews, teachings and writings on these realities as well as on the New Message from God, the divine revelation received by my father which is here to alert us to the forces reshaping our world and provide a clear and uncorrupted preparation that we each can take to the discovery of our unique calling in service to our world at a critical time in our evolution as a species.

It is my hope to present these new realities to you as clearly as possible. Above all, I urge you to hear and read the words of Marshall Vian Summers. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, see his recent interviews and read the Revelation that he has spent the past three decades receiving on behalf of our world.

These are important times to be in the world. We are each here, and we have found each other. I don’t believe its a coincidence that this is the case. There are greater forces moving people into contact with each other, moving each of us into position so we can bring forward our unique gifts in the challenging times ahead for our world.

Welcome to my site. May you find the truth that you have been looking for.

The Prophecy of Aleppo’s Collapse

In 2009, I brought a very important person to Aleppo. Marshall Vian Summers is the Messenger for the New Message from God, a 9200 page revelation which has been translated into 16 languages (including Arabic) and has students around the world.

Together we walked through the Umayyad Mosque, had lunch overlooking its thousand-year-old minaret and talked to the shopkeepers of the ancient souq nearbye. We walked up towards the old citadel, just in time to face roadblocks and soldiers – not because of any conflict – but because the Turkish foreign ministry was holding holding bilateral trade talks with the Syrian government. From atop the citadel we looked out on Aleppo. It was high Summer and the city hummed and steamed with movement and heat. Already millions of Iraqi refugees had relocated to northern Syria and we wondered aloud about the fate of the country.

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers walks up to the citadel of Aleppo in 2009

That night, The Messenger sat quietly in our small room at the Al Faisal hotel. At his side was a voice recorder. He turned it on, checked the microphone and did a sound test. Then he closed his eyes and waited. A dull silence ensued. Looking over to the closed window, I could hear the blunt honking, revving and shouting of typical evening traffic. Through the faded drapery I looked over the rooftops of the nearbye buildings. The sky was gray and the wind was picking up. Above the chaos of satellite dishes, water tanks and laundry hung out to dry, was a Syrian flag flying tall above a government building. It flapped violently against its own flagpole as the wind picked. In that moment Marshall raised his head, eyes closed and the voice began speaking – not his voice – but the voice of revelation now about to deliver page 9201 of the New Message from God.

The first words to emerge:

“While everything appears to be normal in these days, Great Waves of change are coming to the world—change on a level never seen before, change that will affect every person in the world. Greater than the world wars, it will be. Greater than the great pandemics of the past will it be. Great Waves of change, as humanity has plundered the world and has destroyed your natural inheritance to such a great degree that the world will change now, becoming a more difficult place for the human family.”

Between each word I felt the heavy stillness of the room. The air was dense. It was as if the room was being loaded under pressure, very high pressure, so that if I rose and opened the window the whole room would depressurize into the world outside. Of course I didn’t rise or open the window. I didn’t even stir.

And then the words came: “At this moment, you can stand in the middle of a city of two million people and in 20 years, it will be desolate.”

Those prophetic words drove into my mind like a steel hammered into the ground. And they’re lodged there. As I read about the unfolding tragedy of Aleppo I remember that time in 2009 when everything appeared to be normal. Normal outside that room, outside the closed window with the faded drapes. But inside the room, the voice of the New Message from God bore down with the pressure of 2013, 2017, 2025.

Now Aleppo is caught in a spiral of destruction and disintegration. But it was foreseen. This is why God’s New Message must reach the world. Because it can tell the world what is coming.

Young boys at the outskirts of Damascus

The Messenger in Seoul

The sky hung low over the rice fields west of Seoul. As our bus jostled back and forth, I watched the Messenger look upon the gray landscape of apartment blocks, construction cranes, highway flyovers and the many, many greenhouses that seemed to fill every space in between.

Our bus turned upward and passed over a long bridge. Marshall gazed out the window over the coastal planes of Incheon. We spoke about the Great Waves of Change, and began to consider together Korea’s position facing the mounting force of both economic and environmental change now effecting the East Asia region. Could the tremendous growth experienced in Korea over the last 50 years be sustained and stabilized in a world of shrinking wealth? As we passed into the city of Seoul, the true extent of Korea’s growth became apparent.

So too did Korea’s predicament. Along the highway stretched vast industrial centers ringed with apartment buildings – the biggest I have ever seen – which rose in clusters like the seedlings of newly planted cities. New parks, new malls, new sub-cities of Seoul, all seemingly under construction or expansion. According to the Great Waves of Change, the favorable conditions that enable today’s prosperity are evaporating with each passing year. How will this affect Korea? This country of 50 million has lept from pre-electricity village life to super-city modernity in only 40 years. As the buildings and lights of downtown Seoul filled the windows of our limousine bus, we took in the seemingly unstoppable energy of Korea. Industrious and innovative, this country has marched itself to the top of the world’s economic elite in the shortest time imaginable. Yet can it be sustained?

Marshall gazed steadily at the passing streets. The New Message from God he brings has an important revelation for this country. Yet who can stop and listen? Or simply stop? Seeing Marshall, Messenger of the future, pass through Seoul, mega-city of a past era now in its final years made me stop, and think: “The Messenger is here. He has brought God’s New Message for this place and these people. Now, who will coe to meet him? Who can receive what he brings?”


Over the Far North

The Messenger’s journey to Korea began on a cold October morning in Colorado. His flight would carry him across the Pacific, brushing the norther arctic and taking him over the wilds of Russia and then south to the city of Seoul.

We shared the plane from Denver to San Franscisco with 50 Korean school children who, before takeoff and at the request of the flight staff, sang in unison the Korean and American national anthem. The plane filled with the sound of children’s’ voices. These children would make the long flight with Marshall to Seoul. His relationship with the Korean people had already began.

In Denver, the airline made Marshall put his bag under the plane, a minor request of government in return for his freedom to journey wherever he needs to go on Earth to bring the New Message from God to people waiting to receive it.

Departing San Francisco, our plane passed above the mountains of northern California, an important location in the reception of the Allies of Humanity briefings several decades ago. From there, our plane arced further north, over the inland passage of Alaska, the Aleutian islands and then away, past the final edge of North America and into a vast expanse of blue ocean.

After some hours we struck land once again: the upper arctic of Russia and the coastal mountains of Kamchatka. Sweeping mountain ranges stretched to the edges of the horizon and beyond – an enormous wilderness without roads or settlements, snowswept and empty. Night was now falling over North America, but morning was illuminating the frosted peaks and large rivers far below us. As our plane turned south, the snow receded from the landscape, clinging only to a few remaining peaks. Now we entered a region of lakes and tundra, still empty for many miles until a small settlement appeared, and then a road, and then a small coastal port. After this our plane left land once again, flying down across the sea of Okhotsk until we reached the small peninsula of Korea.

Korea was green and forested. Farms filled the valleys in a patchwork of pale yellow and blue, which appeared to be either greenhouses of fish farms. The hills were pristine, with healthy forests and few structures. Instead the valleys were the site of humanity, like veins of civilization, small leading to large, large ultimately leading to Seoul.

More images, videos and stories in the days to come…

As the Sun Rose over Tehran

(Part 2 of the Messenger’s Journey to Iran)

A tapping sound entered my dreams and I labored in my sleep to make sense of it.

There was a man standing in the dark shade of fir trees. Behind him was a hillside of gold aspens and up between the branches I could see white rocky peaks against the sky. Snow was everywhere.

He stood looking at me, tapping his ringed finger on a wooden post at his side. I didn’t see his face and could only concentrate on the metal ring, tap tap tapping on dry wood.

In an instant I was up in bed. The tapping was behind me, on the door, not hard but urgent: tap, tap…tap,Tap, Tap.

I laid there for a moment. The room was dark and shadowy and the hum of Tehran’s early morning streets permeated the background.

I opened the door and my father was there. “Reed, I need to record.” Honestly, in that second, I had no idea what he meant.

But then it all returned to me: where I was and who I was with. I was in Tehran with my father, The Messenger. He had been awoken by the angelic presence to be given a revelation for humanity. It was the first of many nights in Iran and the next stage of God’s New Message was about to begin.

I looked out the door to watch him walk wearily down that brashly lit hall.

Back in the room, Darlene lay awake, looking up at the ceiling. “Does he want us to be there?”

“Yes we can be there.”

“I need to get the recorder ready.”

In the dark I pulled it all together and went back to the door. Darlene followed me but more carefully; she had to cover herself with hijab – the law, even at 4:45am in the empty halls of a hotel.

I entered his room. It was lit only by a candle. Marshall sat in a chair in the far corner, his head bowed and his eyes closed. Hearing us come in he peered up, wanting to know who had entered the room. Then he relaxed down again. Patricia sat ten feet away, looking at him steadily.

I set up the recorder next to Marshall. And then I checked to make sure it worked. It did. I left it there beside him and took my place with Patricia and Darlene.

We sat in quiet. A gray light was in the window behind the curtains. Somewhere a sun was rising over the deserts to the east. Tehran was awakening. And then the revelation began:

“God watches over the world, for the world is a troubled place.

It has always been so.

That is why you have come to the world.

It is a place where God has been forgotten, and your true nature has been forgotten.

It is a place of competition and conflict, where life is difficult, where you must constantly solve the problems of your daily existence.

It is a place where people seem foreign to one another and foreign to themselves, as God has created them.”

It is a place of appearances.

It is a place of sensation.

It is wonderful and dangerous, beautiful but confusing.

It is where the separated have come to live, to learn how to give again and to bridge the gap so that the separation may be ended in time.”

and it continued…