Revealing the Alien Agenda

What is the truth about the Alien presence in our world? Is this a friendly visitation or a destructive intervention into human affairs. Who is Marshall Vian Summers, the man responsible for the Allies of Humanity Briefings — perhaps the most important set of documents regarding Contact ever published? And finally, what is the New Message revelation on life in the universe?

These were the questions at the heart of my hour-long discussion with K-Town, the host of Mysterious Radio. Together we covered a large spectrum of important topics ranging from UFOs to the history of Intervention in our world, from God to the mysterious presence of Knowledge that seeks to move through us at this time of great change. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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  1. gwcperson

    It was a powerful interview and I was so struck by how respectfully the interview was conducted. The questions were so insightful, allowing the story of Marshall’s life and contact with the Allies of Humanity to unfold in a way that gave the bigger picture. I expect that there will be more prickly interviews ahead but I am grateful for these initial interviews by people who were genuinely interested. I am also thankful for Reed’s thorough and powerful delivery of the story of Marshall’s experience of years of receiving the Revelation. It was gripping.

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