The Messenger sings “Aile” in the slums of Jakarta

Today the Messenger was given the gift of meeting those who reside in the toughest parts of Jakarta, and to play for them “Aile,” a song of the New Message.

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  1. cray says:

    Beautiful song, which speaks to me daily, speaking about listening to the deeper spiritual intelligence of Knowledge within, throughout the day, every day. Marshall singing this with commitment and devotion, as an act of such for people with so very little, living in a part of some of the world’s most impoverished and oppressed people: really felt like an answer, in part, to those people’s lives, circumstances, and emptiness of their lives so, so needing and Calling for a New Message from God.

    The New Message from God is an answer to all the world’s people’s prayers, an answer to the world itself, which is calling for help and renewal of its human stewards’ hearts, minds and priorities being that the world clearly is in such a degraded and rapidly declining environmental condition. And for me, in a moment of reckoning and beginning to turn and face Summers’ prophetically received Great Waves of Change book, whose contents and necessity to prepare for we are seeing exactly manifest each and every day worldwide, my life has been called into question on a number of different levels. The New Message from God speaks to the need of each individual, to live a stable 4 Pillars balanced life. Where else would I find that today, in such stunning clarity and encouragement and love for me and all humans here at this time of critical human evolution?

    Believe, I walked, for years of misspent youth, the endless dark and winding alleys of human thought and conventional thinking and presumption that humanity made, in its books and theologies of “trying to be God, without God”, and in my expeditions of unknowing and unchanging and standing on the sidelines of life, I saw none of what The New Message and The Messenger have both showed me, beyond words and urged me to remember about my life before I came into the world, to serve the physical, here, now by reclaiming my spiritual purpose and relationships to serve the world and its peoples here now. Having a life based upon the 4 Pillars of Spiritual Awakening, Work and Providorship, Health, and Relationships, attempting to be live and apply that wisdom from Living the Way of Knowledge’s and Steps to Knowledge, both books available now, has made all the difference for me. Its remarkable, and yet, its self evident. The New Message from God is so simple, it seems some are too over stimulated and rushed to see what it truly is, what it is truly here for. Forget the ideas about it, and experience it for yourself, with an open heart and mind, and THEN allow your heart to tell you what it is, not your ideas and thoughts. This is what I did, and it, in my own way and time, it has made all the difference, as the New Message holds a revelation of truth and love and Knowledge, for all who can truly receive and recognize it. It is here, at this time, to serve the needs the world, and its renewal needing condition now. Nasi Novare Coram.

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